Friday, May 16, 2014

Celebrating The Start Of The Spring Bling Event with Chloe + Isabel!

And so it begins, for three days Nerd with Heels is hosting a Pop-Up shop of all
the best of the best of Chloe + Isabel.  The sale starts today, and I am so excited
to share with you who and what this brand is all about.

Chloe + Isabel was founded by Chantel Waterbury and the brand was created
through the love and passion for creativity and design. Chantel Waterbury has
  worked with luxury accessory brands such as Kenneth Cole, Cartier, 
Tiffany and Co., and LVMH to name a few. Since then, the designs
for these accessories have landed this brand in our favorite magazines such as
Glamour, Vogue, Real Simple, Lucky, People Style Watch, and InStyle magazine.

The brand featured in the Pop-Up Shop is titled "Moroccan Summer", a
collection filled with enchanting and vibrant colors to bring the fun and sparkle
to Spring/Summer 2014.  I personally am excited to host and partner with this
brand since it reflects my personal taste and style as well, the Moroccan feel
and vibe is definitely my inspiration for this season.

These are a few of my favorite things:

The Pop-Up Shop begins today and will end Sunday. If you
would like further information please check here:

Tumblr (It's so pretty!):

Hope you enjoy the preview and look forward to see how you style
your Moroccan inspired summer.  It's been a pleasure to be back!



  1. beautiful pieces :)

  2. Thanks so much, I absolutely love your blog! :)



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