Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ode To The EMP

It had always been a dream of mine to visit the EMP (Experience Music Project)
 Museum located in Seattle, Washington.  I finally had the opportunity
to experience such an incredible museum on my vacation to Seattle
in June.  It sparked back a passion for music that I had always appreciated
since my days of attending music school as a child.

Me in front of the entrance of the museum

I enjoyed all the exhibits especially the Nirvana section, it brought
back so many  fond memories of growing up during the 90's listening
and trying to record my favorite songs on a tape player and
wishing I was old enough to see my favorite bands in concert.
It was a time where things were less complicated or glamorized.
It was simple yet I had a lot of fun experimenting with my
personal tastes and style.  Memories such as experiencing my very
first concert and mosh pit (mind you the band was Thrice)
those memories really  started returning for me at that moment.
In many ways looking back now, I felt I had strayed so far away
from that girl. Experiencing those good memories and exploring
each exhibit within the museum really inspired me and encouraged
me to not be afraid to further bring out that side of myself.
I also enjoyed the Star Wars, Infinite World of Science Fiction
(you get to interact with a space ship simulator), the guitar gallery
where you can see guitars throughout the years, and last but not
least the sound lab.  The Sound Lab was fun for myself, you can
actually play any instrument you want and record it.  You can
even have a jam session with your family if you would like!

I was extremely touristy so I apologize for my naivete,
but I felt it was only right to purchase a Nirvana shirt first,
and I will continue to collect more of my favorite band shirts as
 I plan to visit Seattle more often in the future.  It was a great
start to my summer, and I look forward to where this new
journey and inspiration takes me.

Enjoying a great hot chocolate while watching the sunset at
The Space Needle!

Going down memory lane at the Nirvana exhibit

Outfit inspiration from the trip: I was able to have one of
the very last CBGB shirts before it closed down officially
in the village in New York. I treat this shirt well as best as I can!

The Nirvana shirt that will always remind me of my trip
to Seattle, I think my teenage self would be quite proud!

So to Seattle, thank you for the all the good times and good vibes.  You
have all the things I love to enjoy which is great scenery, music, and
coff-ee (yes even outside of Starbucks) your cafes are awesome.
You welcomed me with opened arms and the least I can do is
pay the respect back and write how much I truly loved my trip.
I hope this personally journey that I have shared also inspires you,
and do a little something that makes the kid in you proud!


Speacial Thanks To:

EMP Museum
The Space Needle

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