Thursday, October 31, 2013

Otino Waa's Short Film Release by Nick Conforti...

The organization named Otino-Waa that my husband and I visited with a team back in March-April has finally released their short documentary, please take the time to check it out enjoy the music and share the support! :)

Yours truly,

Nerd with Heels

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Big News, Nerd with Heels will be modeling during FashionArt Santa Cruz 2013!

This Saturday your lovely fashion geek will be modeling for
Ellen Brook during fashionArt Santa Cruz 2013!  I love Ellen's
artwork and have been working closely to ensure I represent
her work to the best of my ability.  Getting to know Ellen
has been so much fun and can not wait for the final day.
Ellen Brook has a wonderful eye for aesthetics and detail
and trying on one of the pieces felt magical.    
So if you want to experience all the fun and witness the designer
and your blogger purchase your
and I will see you all on Saturday!


Nerd with Heels

Designer Ellen Brook's Website: 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quinn Shop Opening In The Lower East Side!

This magnificent Quinn store is finally opening with much flair and glamour.
It is their first store in New York City and have already made a mark 
appearing on celebrities and magazines such as Amanda Seyfried, 
Emily Blunt, NYLON, and Women's Wear Daily.  The store is
opening on 181 Orchard Street and already has a growing and
sophisticated presence that is sure to be a lasting impression
on the Lower East Side and within the fashion community
as well.  It is a collection that is dedicated to the finest in quality 
and bring a sense of warmth and familiarity to their products.  
The store also contains luxury travel and home products as well
as accesories.  Quinn plans on expanding to other locations such
as Aspen, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, and San Francisco (yay!).

The Full Information:
181 Orchard Street Between East Houston and Stanton
Monday - Saturday 11:00 am- 8:00 pm
Sunday 12.00 pm - 6:00 pm
Telephone: 646-669-9348

Amanda Seyfried in Julia Open Cardigan

Inside The Store:

Part of the Collection:

Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Photography of Slim Aarons

It is a very retro summer indeed, especially since Rebecca Minkoff channels
the 60's and 70's photographer Slim Aarons.for her 2013 collection.  It is a
collection filled with colorful floral prints, breezy cotton, and cool vibes
all around.  It is a very beautiful, flirty, and refreshing collection.  
If you are an enormous fan of anything retro this season, this collection
will definitely be exciting to wear!

About the photographer that inspired the collection:

Slim Aarons who was born as George Allen Aarons in
Manhattan, New York.  He entertained and photographed
with the socialites and celebrities of his time.  Noted for not
using a make-up artist or any other form of preparation,
he photos depicted natural, effortless, glamour.  His photography
became influential and highly talked about when he moved to
California to photograph celebrities at their most glamorous
by poolside.  His famous work was titled "Kings of Hollywood".

My Personal Favorites:

The Full Collection:

Get The Look:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Alexandra Romanov Spring Attire

It's the Tadashi Shoji Spring/Summer 2012 Collection
and it is all fit for an empress.  Inspired by Imperial
Russia, there is no need to throw away that baroque
tiara just yet.  It's a take on a romantic and feminine
and also flirty apparel for this season.  Think of rich
colors such as crimson, sapphire, teal, with the most
delicate of fabrics of chiffon and lace.  Always a
pleasure viewing Tadashi Shoji collection.

My Personal Favorites:

The Full Collection:

Photo Credit:
Google Photos
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