Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ode To The EMP

It had always been a dream of mine to visit the EMP (Experience Music Project)
 Museum located in Seattle, Washington.  I finally had the opportunity
to experience such an incredible museum on my vacation to Seattle
in June.  It sparked back a passion for music that I had always appreciated
since my days of attending music school as a child.

Me in front of the entrance of the museum

I enjoyed all the exhibits especially the Nirvana section, it brought
back so many  fond memories of growing up during the 90's listening
and trying to record my favorite songs on a tape player and
wishing I was old enough to see my favorite bands in concert.
It was a time where things were less complicated or glamorized.
It was simple yet I had a lot of fun experimenting with my
personal tastes and style.  Memories such as experiencing my very
first concert and mosh pit (mind you the band was Thrice)
those memories really  started returning for me at that moment.
In many ways looking back now, I felt I had strayed so far away
from that girl. Experiencing those good memories and exploring
each exhibit within the museum really inspired me and encouraged
me to not be afraid to further bring out that side of myself.
I also enjoyed the Star Wars, Infinite World of Science Fiction
(you get to interact with a space ship simulator), the guitar gallery
where you can see guitars throughout the years, and last but not
least the sound lab.  The Sound Lab was fun for myself, you can
actually play any instrument you want and record it.  You can
even have a jam session with your family if you would like!

I was extremely touristy so I apologize for my naivete,
but I felt it was only right to purchase a Nirvana shirt first,
and I will continue to collect more of my favorite band shirts as
 I plan to visit Seattle more often in the future.  It was a great
start to my summer, and I look forward to where this new
journey and inspiration takes me.

Enjoying a great hot chocolate while watching the sunset at
The Space Needle!

Going down memory lane at the Nirvana exhibit

Outfit inspiration from the trip: I was able to have one of
the very last CBGB shirts before it closed down officially
in the village in New York. I treat this shirt well as best as I can!

The Nirvana shirt that will always remind me of my trip
to Seattle, I think my teenage self would be quite proud!

So to Seattle, thank you for the all the good times and good vibes.  You
have all the things I love to enjoy which is great scenery, music, and
coff-ee (yes even outside of Starbucks) your cafes are awesome.
You welcomed me with opened arms and the least I can do is
pay the respect back and write how much I truly loved my trip.
I hope this personally journey that I have shared also inspires you,
and do a little something that makes the kid in you proud!


Speacial Thanks To:

EMP Museum
The Space Needle

Monday, May 18, 2015

Motivation On A Monday

This may be a very quick post, but  I think it is
always refreshing to have a good inspirational
moment, especially on a Monday!

Have a wonderful and beautiful day everyone!


Nerd with Heels

Friday, May 15, 2015


Spring is here! Our favorite flowers are blooming, our
favorite fruits and vegetables are in season and the love
for life is in the air.  This season the style that is embraced
and embodied would be closes in resemblance to the
romance and whimsy of Rococo art.  Filled with ethereal 
and delicate colors, this season the pastels are reigning
supreme with a hint of boldness.  

The Fountain of Love by Fran├žois Boucher

Thank you so much to shop Primadonna for this beautiful necklace!

Have a wonderful and happy Spring!


Photo Credit for Fountain of Love: 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Smoothie Recipe That Would Make Toucan Sam Proud

As much as I enjoy and possess a deep infinite
passion for cake, I must admit that my other
favorite desert would have to be fruits especially
in a smoothie. After much experimenting, I 
finally found a recipe that suites my personal
 taste quite well and would love to share it
 with you. If you are a lover of fruit loops 
like myself, then this one is for you!

The Ingredients:

1. About 1 cup of Strawberries 

2. Four Apricots

3. One banana cut

4. Ciao Bella Sorbetto Blueberry Passion Fruit

5. Two Kiwis

6. La Croix Peach-Pear Sparkling Water

Strawberry season is upon us, and it is the main base for
my favorite smoothie.

I add bananas not just for the taste but for the protein and
energy so I can have this smoothie as a desert or with my
breakfast, this is the second main base for this drink.
1 whole banana will suffice.

Apricots are also in season and they are delightful in a
smoothie because of how light and sweet they are.
Kiwis also adds a fun and delightful taste to this
particular drink.

I like to add La Croix's Peach-Pear Sparkling Water
because it give the smoothie a lively fizz kick. Using
one whole can is perfect for this.

Last but never least my beloved sorbet! It blends perfectly
well with the other fruits and I usually do about 2 or 3 scoops.
I personally prefer sorbets over ice cream and yogurt in a
smoothie because of the texture.  I tend to lean
more towards tropical flavors when it comes to sorbets
so passion fruit is perfect.  

Blend fully well, make sure all the pulp
and everything else is blended together.
At the very end I squeeze a hint of lime and
mix it again.

It's a simple recipe but there it is, once again
remember to have fun and make it all your own!


Fruits and Sorbet By: Whole Food Market

"Kittens Get Thirsty Too" Tumbler: Bando

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Met Gala 2015: China Through The Looking Glass

It was a night dedicated to the beauty of the Metropolitan
Museum of Art's new exhibition located on the Upper East
Side of New York City.  Celebrities and supporters of the
museum alike, attended the event in pure splendor and
glamour ensuring to dress in homage of the theme.  I am
currently taking an Art History class, and this exhibit has
been the prime topic within our classroom.  I look forward
to learning more about this exhibit, and the various artists
who continue to influence our society through innovation and

My personal fashions of the night in no particular order:

Rihanna wore Chinese couturier Guo Pei and looked wonderful
in a silk detailed canary yellow robe.  It was my favorite because
of the grandeur and craftsmanship.

What I truly enjoyed about Janelle Monae's style is that it was
her personal style infused with the influence of the art of the night.  
It was beautiful and fun and all her own personal take of this style!

I really enjoyed Vanessa Hudgens dress mostly because it
was a very modern twist of the Audrey Hepurn-esque A line
cocktail dress.  It was artistic and playful yet demure.  I found
it to be a very unique combination along with the color.  She
looked very happy and beautiful!

I absolutely loved Emily Ratajkowski dress, and quite frankly it would be a dress
that I would wear now.  The dress she is wearing is by Bespoke Topshop and
she looked superb in this dress.  

Gong Li looked serene and magnificent in a beautiful maroon velvet and lace gown,
she graced the carpet wonderfully and it was magnificent to behold!

Wendi Murdoch wearing a lovely satin indigo blue gown with gold sequin details
that complimented the red carpet wonderfully.  Wendi Murdoch looked chic
and dazzling.

My personal favorite of the night was Fan Bingbing.  The detailing, the craftsmanship, and
the color of this outfit was precisely perfect and marvelous!  

It is a spectacular dress to behold indeed!

Liu Wen looks elegant and refined in a beautiful laced structured gown.  I love the detailing
and how it stands out in an excellent manner.

Alexa Chung with Erdem Moralioglu designer of this marvelous detailed A-line gown!
I particularly enjoyed the type of purple she wore and
 hope to see this color more often.  The color contrasts as
well complimented each other and it was very suitable for this lovely attire.

Emily Blunt looked wonderful in this mixed pattern gown, once again I truly enjoy
this particular color of purple and I appreciated the beading of the designs on the gown.

For the men I truly enjoyed Justin Beiber's suite coat for this event which was designed by Balmain. I thought was very creative and unique for men's style.

Ni Ni looked whimsical and brilliant in a yellow chiffon and silk gown,

Kerry Washington looked tres chic as always in a beautiful satin pale pink detailed gown.

Cindy Chao with Gemma Ward looked incredible in this black and white floral
 print structured gown.  Gemma Ward (one of my favorite models)
 looked stunning in a shimmery gown as well!

Zhang Ziyi and Carolina Herrera looked lovely and beautiful
 in their printed satin gowns!

Love Tommy and Dee Hilfiger!

I was excited to see Zhu Zhu on the red carpet, especially to see her gown and the accessories
that pair well with her gown in classic glamour!

Red is my favorite color and Shupei Qin wore it beautifully!

Gao Yang Yang wore this beautiful satin pale blue gown perfectly!

Carina Lau looks elegant and wonderful in this two toned black and white gown.
I love the beading at the end of her train!

It was definitely a beautiful and inspiring night!


Photo Credit:

Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful New Tunes To Add On My Playlist

Andre Henry's music has been my favorite to
listen to especially since his music brings me to
the core of my heart.  His music is romantic and
very beautiful and I each and every track is a 
pleasure and joy to listen to!

If you want to listen to more of his music check

Mind, a Body, & Soul

I was a bit late and in a rush, but it felt great to back into my yoga and
meditation routine!  Since I moved to California I have learned that
both meditation and yoga is crucial and key to great mental health.
It helps me personally to prioritize what is important in my life,
and learn to stay focus on the course of my goals.  The best
yet hardest practice, is mindfulness.  The art of mindfulness is
about being aware of the here and now, it being of aware of the
personal actions you place in a day to day life as well.  

For myself, the purpose for mindfulness is to remember to slow down
and enjoy the good things happening at the moment, and mindfulness
is great for strengthening the mind as well.  So as much as I love to post 
my workout outfits on Instagram, the actual meditation is such a personal,
beautiful, and private experience and I encourage everyone
 to give it a try! 

My outfit: 

White top: Gap 

Yoga Pants: 90 Degree by Reflex 

Vegan Leather Backpack

DKNY Sneakers

What is your favorite workout & why?


Photo from: 


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