Monday, February 1, 2010

Journey to the Center of Brooklyn...

This is why I love New York City so much! As cold as it may have been, the day was too beautiful to resist. My friend Drea and me decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and just see where we end up. While on our journey over the bridge I noticed that as city girls just because it was abnormally freezing did not mean we had to be in a fashion rut. When we finally ended up across the bridge we accidentally walked into a place called Water Street Restaurant. It was such a cool place with live music and amazing food! Afterward Drea and I were satisfied with our curiosity with what laid across the bridge and considered it a mission accomplished :)

FYI- Lady Gaga last night performing with Elton John, loved it! Bon Jovi was also a breathe of fresh air as well!

(I <3 my blue French Connections coat!)

Our destination

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