Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Oscar 2010 favorites...

It has been a while, so here's some catching up:

Many have their opinions about her, but for this night she looked absoluetly beautiful!

Alot of people are not fans of frills and thrills but with this color and style I like
Elisabeth Banks dress very much!

Here is Keanu Reeves.  Now I like the suite but two things I find a bit off with this;
first, the fit is not too good and a tad wrinkled I might add,
second, I do not the beard that he is sporting with this outfit at all! 
All in all I do like the concept of this though.

One of my ultimate favorites of the night, Kate Winslet! The style was
simple, sleek, and very demure.  This dress is Oscar worthy!

Now this one is a hit and miss for me!  I love the color, style, and simplicity of this dress...
ALL except for the bottom! It just seems like it just does not fit with the rest of the dress.
But she still gets a thumbs up from me, because she looks absoluetly beautiful!

Lori McCreary and Morgan Freeman were not my favoritte of the night,
but Morgana Freeman?! Her dress looks stunning on her, I just wish her hair would
have been a bit more simple, other than that she looks gorgeous!

Zoe Kravitz looks absoluetly amazing in this dress! Her hair just need a bit work on but
the fit of the dress is perfect!  Lenny Kravitz, well...the top of him looks perfect and fine but the pants?
Not fitting to well for him especially the bottom!

Tina Fey! The way she is posing in this pic and the way the dress looks right now is beautiful!
The hair and the color could use a readjustment though.  Stray away from black a bit and it would be
more surprising.

Gayle King, I love the dress and how she looks but pleeeease take off that Broche!

My favorite of the night!  Ms. Sandra Bullock I give you applause for this.
You dressed superb this night and I think it was perfect for the Oscars!

I pine for this Chris Pine and why? Because it's what we call a perfect fit! For all men out there,
that is what makes your tux's a fashion do or don't the color, style, and FIT.  If there is no fit then
there is no do. You go Chris Pine!

What I said about Chris Pine also goes for Marc Anthony.  Great fit and style and
I also like the hair alot too!  It's not greasy and yet the pulled back way looks
natural and great for his face shape!

Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely stunning and back to her usual glowing self!

I almost did not recognize her here! She looks so beautiful and happy.  The Glitter and jewlery are
not too much and everything seems fitting.

Gabourey Sidibe looks beauitful and I love the color she chose.  I am well
aware of the rumors and jokes that are told about her, but her confidence
and simplicity makes her stand out.

Hmmm...this one is a no brainer, of course Meryl Streep is a Fashion Do! but I must be
honest I expected this color from her, her hair also needs a bit of fixing. All together
though this outfit is perfect for the Oscars, just hope she ventures out a little more next time.

Penelope Cruz...beautiful but again just like Meryl Streep the color and style was expected. 
I would love for her to be a bit more daring next time, but I must admit the color reflect off her skin
beautifully.  Very elegant and chic.

Last but never least...Vera Farmiga looked beautiful in this dress.  Although, people
have mixed emotions about the dress, I say it's a do because it's a perfect fit and color.  My only
critique?  The hair makes her look like someone frightened her and her makeup needs to be a bit more
like Spring Fresh and natural.

All photos were taken from these two sites:

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