Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Italian Street Fashion of May...

So here it is...styles from Italy and boy do they have STYLE! Enjoy and allow
Italia to be your inspiration...

They have this "I don't care" look and yet it is 
refined, I love it!

A lot of mixing and matching but this works! 

I love this photo because it is like a vintage avant-garde homage
to the Italian sixties films

Milan Runway Show.  I love how there is so much flair and Glamour

One of my favorites! I am always drawn to
flowered skirts like the one to the left.

She does not allow the rain to cramp her style!  I am looking
for a bag similar to that this summer.

Mix and match of patterns is what I am about this summer!

I love a pop of color when everything else is neutral.

There is something off and yet put together at the same time.
I love his style and attitude.

This is more for the winter, but I love how she is 
weather appropriate and not boring.

This is my ULTIMATE favorite of them all!
This fall I shall aspire for this look!

There is no one who can pull that vintage glamour than the Italians themselves,
and can I just point out that they hit it on the nail exactly to how it should be done.
To pull this fashion off means to almost be confused or convinced that the photo 
is of the time period targeted.

Ciao <3

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