Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fashion in Film Part II

Presenting our next Fashion in Film...

Lets travel back to this time of the 90's and observe 
the clothes that made this film such a cult classic,
like totally!

So cute and surprisingly some of these items are still in!

One thing I cannot forget, the feather pens!  Cher definitely made this
so popular in school.

These three outfits were one of my favorites!  Matchy matchy are some of her outfits
but somehow it all works out.  Sometimes simple is always more.

This scene made me laugh!  Plaid is big in this movie, but somehow
the way they wore the outfits made it seem so cool.

The transformation of Tai is the first time i ever heard of a "makeover"
but lets just say I definitely became a believer after seeing the clothes she wore!
Side note: RIP Brittany Murphy

Last but not least, the well known dress...The red "Aliyah" dress

If you were wondering who the 
designer is for Clueless, check out Jill Stuart.

So now that we had a bit of blast from the past, 
who was your favorite character of Clueless?



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