Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Have No Fear...

When I was once a child,
Life seemed eternal...almost immortal
the many things I accomplished
with such bravery
such passion
seem only now a distant and faint memory

In the rain forest where I once freely jumped into the waterfall
can only be done now with hesitation.
And as my age begins to appear slowly upon my face
I begin to realize that my freedom
becomes compromised with the many uncertainties of the world.

I once stood firm to the sun
unfaltering and stern.
Now these very legs that I once stood upon
only appear to question my very being.

I am faced with these questions,
Who am I truly?
Am I bred to become a wife?
A mother?
Am I only created in this world to be submissive?
 or worse...silent?
With this aging flesh am I to be judge by others?
And when I am old and grey am I to be cast off as incompetent?

As we all grow older
the many fears of this world only grow larger
But yet...

when I see the  injustices of the world
The child that I once was
I am reminded then who I am
And with each year that delicately passes by me
Each fear that attempts to intimidate my soul
 shall begin to face the child I yearn to remember.

I was simply inspired to write this, I do not write often how I feel in this blog.
I felt though that a blog is a moment to express how we feel at different parts of our lives.
I am more than just a fashion blogger.  I promised in the beginning of doing this
that I would write about the many things that cross my mind, and this is it :)
I share these written words with you in my sincere vulnerability and only hope that I can 
read your written works as well.  There are many paths in life, to be labeled and boxed in
should never be the goal in living.  Always keep creating and being inspired, it is what makes 
us human.

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