Saturday, October 30, 2010

Affordable Halloween ideas right from your closet!

So the time is near, and the question that crosses
all our minds who am I going to dress up as?  Sometimes
the best costumes are done not by being bought, but
by true creativity.  So lets open up our closets and have
some fun this holiday season! (And let's all stay safe)

Idea #1

emily the strange meets addams family «

Idea #2

Coat - Red Riding Coat
949 GBP -
Red coats »

Rachel Comey / Reversible Fur Hat
$299 -
Cap hat »

Clarins 'Rouge Prodige' Lipstick
$24 -

411Toys: Toy Rifles

london bus

Idea #3

Lanvin Full Skirted Coat
$4,755 -
Wool coat »

140 GBP -
High heel boots »

Vintage 'Dunn and Co' Black Bowler Hat
195 GBP -
Black hat »

Double Buttercup Salon Clip
5 GBP -

Mary Poppins

Red Bowtie

Idea #4

Ladies Long Leather Gloves
$205 -
Leather gloves »


Magazine Article

Idea #5

Idea #6 (My Favorite)

DKNY Pleated cotton-blend shirt
$195 -
Dkny tops »

Ankle socks
$130 -
Ankle socks »

Leather penny loafers
$119 -
Leather shoes »

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

Natural Steel Multi Image Frames
$299 -

red hair nerd site model girl kristy krazy

red hair nerd site model girl kristy krazy

My pumpkin! <3

Artemis Fowl

She Loves Nerds

All these ideas and more you can get from

Happy Halloween! :)

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