Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to make semi-homemade French bread pizza rolls....

Since I am a lover of cooking and food shopping, it has been suggested
to at least blog about one of the many recipes that is considered my favorite
to make.  Although I live in New York and I am surrounded by a sea of 
pizza shops, sometimes a person just wants to have a small portion of a pizza
instead of a whole slice.  So here is my alternative...

Grocery Shopping List

- One Pillsbury French style bread roll
-  Two Rinaldi sauce (one is Sweet tomatoe and the other is Tomatoe, onion, and garlic)

- One bag of  shredded mozzarella (any brand will suffice)

- One bottle of Adobo (red top)

The Recipe

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees

- Cut the french dough into 2 inch slices

- On a cookie sheet pan spray with no stick butter and place
the slices unto the cookie sheet.

- Then in a small bowl mix the two pasta sauces together and mix well

- Grab salt, Adobo, and black pepper and in pinches add them to the sauce (two pinches)

- Mix it all together with the sauce

- Then take a table spoon and add the sauce into the center
part of each slices of bread.

- Then open the bag of shredded mozzarella and spread the
cheese around to your liking.

- Place the cookie sheet pan into the oven and set the timer
for about 30 - 34 minutes

-Your pizza rolls will be ready when the cheese has melted and the
bread is near golden.

* VoilĂ !  You have made your very own French bread Pizza rolls!

Bon Appetit! *



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