Monday, February 7, 2011

Get That Dewy Glow for Spring

I've observed and noticed, and more and more i've been
noticing this certain look on celebrities and models faces.
The more I watched the more I decided I liked it!
I wondered to myself, how can this look be achieved at home?
Is it their natural skin?  Is it a certain foundation?  Is it a moisturizer?
For goodness sakes, is it botox?! Well, the questions and
the agony of how to achieve such a look is actually, quite easy!

Let's go the more expensive route first:

The Giorgio Armani face fabric is said to be light and airy
but it's in a form of a liquid to really comply with the glow

Clinique's dewy smooth anti-aging may definitely 
live up to it's expectations based on it's reviews.
What people rave about this product is that it may
not wipe the wrinkles away instantly, it definitely
gives an immediate glow for a day look.

The M.A.C. fix spray is said to be a phenomenal
achievement for this look!  I am not surprised since
M.A.C. does reign supreme on the runway

Bobbi Brown's SPF Tinted Moisturizer ranges
for about $50 but from what I hear it does not 

Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation is
also a runway use, considered to be light
and airy.

La Prairie Skin Caviar is definitely worth the investment.

Last but not least, recently used on the runway:

The Make Up Forever Uplight

Now for a more affordable route that will make your
wallet happy...

You can find it at Sephora, NARS Sheer
Glow Foundation is everyone's favorite go to.

Revlon's PhotoReady has to be one of the most
 in demand foundations, and the best part is that
you can definitely find this at your local stores like
K-mart, Walmart, Walgreens, ect.

Benefit Liquid Highlighters are a nice luminous
sheen at a perfect price.

Bare Minerals Bare Radiance Powder is perfect
for not only covering blemishes but also does not leave
that cakey feeling on your face.  Love it! (The mineral
veil I heard was also great for achieving this look)

The Elf Tinted Moisturizer is what I use
and the beauty of it all is that it is only $1!

But the true way to achieve this type of look
is to be healthy.  You hear it so many times but
if you try it you will be surprised how true it really
is, which is...DRINK LOTS OF WATER haha. And
of course I could never leave you without a big Caribbean
secret of my family,  we use a lot of Cocoa Butter for our 
skin.  My mother uses this kind:

Also do not be afraid to smile, that always adds
a glow to the face! ;)

Check out this tutorial:


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