Friday, April 8, 2011

The Higher the Shoe the Closer to Fashion Heaven?

I would not be Nerd with Heels if I did not have an obsession over them,
but how far is too far in loving these beautiful entities?  So in all of my 
curiosity, I fervently marched my way into Bergdorf to try on the new trend 
that is growing fast, extremely high heels.  

The first beauties I decided to try on are the real deal...

Christian Louboutins!

They felt amazing, especially since I naturally have a high arch and 
they really were not as bad as to what I was expecting.  But these
are a reasonable high, the new trend is even higher!  So after trying
on these lovelies and waved goodbye, I immediately went to Marshalls
to see the new shoes everyone loves which were something like these...

They were ridiculously painful to just even put on!  All I can say is,
practice, practice, practice them before strutting as if you're on the catwalk.  
They were beautiful yet dangerous and I salute anyone who can walk in them
with pride. I think I will be doing a lot more calf exercises! ;)

* I do not own in any way shape or form any of these photos and my
source is and thank you.


  1. Haha... I might wear a pair for a photo, but if I take off my heels now after a couple hours, chances are I wouldn't last long. LOL. Thanks for the research, Kim. :)

  2. ugh! love every pair in those pictures!! i am a heels freak- i feel best about myself when i have the perfect pair of heels on. but really really high ones... yikes- feel like i'm going to tip over sometimes, let alone try walking!



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