Thursday, August 25, 2011

My personal Fall Fashion for 2011...

So I went on vacation to the beautiful city of Portland Oregon, seriously 
everyone from there is amazing, and did the shopping of my life.  The
fashion in Portland reminds me so much of the fashion in New York
City but a tad laid back.  Inspired by everyone I quickly went into 
my favorite store ever H&M and had to purchase a couple of
must have essentials that has been in my mood for quite some time
this summer...

This bright red skirt with a cute leopard scarf!

A sunset yellow satchel, black over the knee socks, and of course my 
nerd glasses!

A brown felt hat, the red skirt again, and this beautiful brown striped cape sweater!

This purchase is not for Fall but it is perfect for this month...

All purchases are from H&M and Forever21
please credit all photos to me, thanks. :)

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