Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Nicholas Kunz and Christopher Kunz

It was a collection that went "Into the West" for their inspiration
for Fall 2012 collection.  A collection that was filled with deep
colors such as jet blacks, french roast browns, battleship grays,
sandy taupes, sepias, sienna, silvers, arsenic blues, and portland
orange.  Not only were the colors creating a declaratory appearance,
but so were the detailing and fabric chosen as well!
There were fringes, leather, pleather, wool, chiffons, and silks
that added to the main inspiration of this collection which was
the Taos art colony of the 1920's and 1930's, (hence the fringes).

Personally, it was an exciting and intriguing collection that is
perfect for a casual and cool embrace for this upcoming Fall.

My Personal Favorites:

The Full Collection:


The Official Website of Nicholas K:

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