Monday, August 20, 2012

Rebecca Taylor Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Rebecca Taylor's collection contained a relaxed, refined, feminine,
and sensuous ambiance.  It was so exhilarating viewing each design
on the runway, and the presentation was absolutely impeccable!

What inspired Rebecca Taylor to create such a wonderful
collection?  The modern girl, represented through the models
she observed off duty or on a go see.  A quote from the designer
herself about the designs,
"We wanted our girls to look like how the models comes into a showroom or a 
walking or a go see. She just looks very modern and very cool.".
 The impression can clearly be seen through these
particular popular high fashion models:

Maryna Linchuk 

Karlie Kloss

Frida Gustavsson

The colors for the upcoming season were very dark but hints
of jeweled tones peek through with wonderful detailing and
accessorizing.  The staple hues of the collection were mixes
of charcoal blacks and slate greys, dark navy blue, browns, dark teal,
and ivory.  The fabrics mostly entailed chiffon, velvet, a tad of leather,
and wool.

My Personal Favorites:

The Full Collection:


P.S. - Check out the fur boots that were featured on the runway
The Rebecca Taylor Dalia boots:

The Official Website of Rebecca Taylor:


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