Monday, August 27, 2012

Rosa Pushér Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

One of the many personal favorites of mine, is a collection
that is filled with detail, sophistication, and splendor. The designer 
Tammy Pushér, was inspired by a fusion of the late and
great actress Veronica Lake and human rights activist
and model Bianca Jagger.  Rosa Pushér has also been
featured on the likes of stars such as the ever charming and 
stunning New York City socialite Tinsley Mortimer and super
model Heidi Albertsen, and creating quite an exquisite stir
in the fashion industry as well!  
Be prepared to delight in the colors of this particular 
collection such as ruby reds, onyx leather, crisp ivory, 
and regal brocades. Rosa Pushér is a collection that is
 bound to add glamour and sophistication
for this upcoming season, and I anticipate seeing

My Personal Favorites:

Stars Wearing Rosa Pushér:

Super Model and Actress Heidi Albertsen

Rosa Pushér during New York Fashion Week 2012:

The Official Website of Rosa Pushér:
To Shop Rosa Pushér:

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