Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Golden Globes 2013 Best Dressed List

It was a glittering and spectacular night for the 2013 Golden Globe Award Show and
this year's red carpet style is filled elegance and charm!  Although there was a big
trend on pastels those who donned it right, did it magnificently and those who
dared to be adventurous with color were an even bigger favorite of mine.  So
here are my favorites that I thought were very magical and inspiring.

1. Nancy O'Dell - She was my top favorite mostly because it was a simple dress
but the sparkle and the fit was beautiful! She definitely shined with poise 
and grace which was stunning.

2. Shaun Robinson - Wearing a sparkling emerald green Pamella Roland gown,
the fit and detailing were absolutely perfect!  She wore this dress magnificently,
and became one of my favorites on that night.  

3. Jennifer Lopez - This harmonious chemistry that Jennifer Lopez has
with Zuhai Murad's designs is amazing to watch!  This designer connection
reminds me of the connection Audrey Hepburn had with Givenchy.  A 
designer that understands femininity and celebrates it, designing 
only to enhance or place detailing in utmost perfection.  Jennifer
Lopez glowed and looked remarkable that night!

4. Taylor Swift - I must be very frank in mentioning that Taylor Swift's
style is one that I admire often.  I appreciate how she went a whole
different perspective in a color that flattered her and also fit her effortlessly.
The satin fabric was pristine and the length was just right.  It was a simple
dress but perfectly enhanced the natural beauty of Taylor Swift.

5. Carly Steel - Such a beautiful fairytale type of dress!  She floated
down the red carpet beautifully and was a shoe in for top favorite.

6. Anne Hathaway - She had me weeping in the theaters watching her
performance as Fantine in Les Miserables, and she looks like a
winner in her strapless Chanel gown.

7. Jessica Alba - Wearing Oscar De La Renta, Jessica Alba
wear a beautifully flattering coral mermaid fit gown. Everything
from head to toe was delightful.

8. Lea Michele - Wearing Elie Saab, Lea Michele dons a beautifully
beaded and alluring white sparkling gown that is done just right.
The detailing and cuts were placed wonderfully and Lea Michele
definitely shined brightly this night.

9. Jennifer Lawrence -  Had looked stunning in the red Dior Haute Couture
gown, that was flattering and has convinced me that red is her power color.

10. Jennifer Garner - Wearing a beautiful red sparkling Vivienne Westwood gown,
that looked so amazing on her skin and was perfectly fitted.  Another star
shining brightly during the award night!

11. Helena Bonham Carter - I love how beautiful and unique she Helena Bonham
Carter is.  Her dress was beautiful designed and constructed. The detailing is done
in all the right places and she looks marvelous.

12. Nicole Richie - Wearing a baby blue and gold Naeem Khan gown, she makes
the list of one of my favorites because of how this dress also enhances her natural
beauty! It's a wonderful color, fit, and best of all the floor length is perfect.

13. Hayden Panettiere - Starring in one of my favorite shows "Nashville",
she always has a great eye for style and suites her best.  She is wearing a
Roberto Cavalli structured gown, that looks magnificent on her.

14. Megan Fox - Wearing Dolce and Gabbana, Megan Fox glows in this
beautiful dress.  I love how natural and enhancing this dress is to her beauty!

15. Francesca Eastwood - Filled with lace, and chiffon, Francesca Eastwood
looked splendid in her white trumpet gown!

16. Naomi Watts - Looks absolutely stunning in this fitted wine red gown,
I love how she glided with grace down the red carpet.

So I shared with you guys my list, who were your star favorites of
this beautiful night?

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