Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Most Sought After Shoes of 2014

What a year it has been!
As you may know, shoes are one of my favorite accessories, 
This year, I  would like to introduce to you the shoes that have made
the most impact this year. Some are classics, others are daring and eccentric, 
but each pair ventures into a delightful uniqueness.  Let us journey
in the realm of shoe adoration...

The designer is Sophia Webster and this shoe is so whimsical and
elegant. They come in different colors and has been seen on 
women's street style quite often.

Seen on Nina Dobrev

The Shoes with a Bow
Another style that has been a sweet favorite for both Spring
and Autumn/Winter has been the shoes with a bow.  Whether
they are flats or high heels, this detail has been a beloved
delight.  Lets explore the world of shoes with bows..

These beautiful Dior shoes

Now these beautiful bow shoes are quite unique and are in a
constant demand.  This particular shoe is also from the designer
Sophia Webster and they are astonishing.

As seen on fashion blogger Blair Eadie!

These are Delpozo Metallic-Leather Bow-Detail Sandals

The Chic Sneakers

As feminine and charming shoes with bows can be fun to wear this
season, there has been another in vogue style that has been creating
a more relaxed and a cool avant-garde approach to everyday outfits.

The White Converse is a big stable this year, you can style it however you want!

As seen on Catherine Valencia

No longer just for working out, they are now for everyday wear!

Now another part of the casual trend is the classic ballet flats.
They come in all different colors and styles but I personally
enjoy simple ballet satin shoes.

Canvas shoes have also been an important part of the year,
the most notable were the Chanel canvas shoe.

The Statement Shoes

Statement shoes are colorful and bold and they are unique.
They connect a look when done minimalistically and it
looks beautiful!

The Mojito Shoe by Julian Hakes

Gladiator Shoes

A very popular statement piece this year were the Valentino studded shoes.
They are available in both heels and flats.

The Classic Pumps

These Zara heels are always charming

Classics with a twist

Leopard Print both heels and flats are high in demand this season

Printed Heels

As seen on fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur!

It's all in the Boots

With Autumn and Winter approaching boots are quite
the essential,  These shoes venture into a new daring
look than the usual boots.

The Thigh High Boots

The Statement Boots

Over the Knee Boots

As seen on Miranda Kerr

Last but never least, these shoes always make the best sparkle
every New Year's but you can wear them all year round.  It
always makes an outfit fun and exciting!

The Shoes That Sparkle!


But what will always be my personal favorites...

Charlotte Olympia Loafers! 

I hope you enjoyed the list of lovable shoes, this may be updated
from time to time, the year is not over yet!  Remember to have
fun with your own personal style and make it all your own!


(Full credit will be constantly updated)
I do not own these photos, all photos are credited to:

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