Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Smoothie Recipe That Would Make Toucan Sam Proud

As much as I enjoy and possess a deep infinite
passion for cake, I must admit that my other
favorite desert would have to be fruits especially
in a smoothie. After much experimenting, I 
finally found a recipe that suites my personal
 taste quite well and would love to share it
 with you. If you are a lover of fruit loops 
like myself, then this one is for you!

The Ingredients:

1. About 1 cup of Strawberries 

2. Four Apricots

3. One banana cut

4. Ciao Bella Sorbetto Blueberry Passion Fruit

5. Two Kiwis

6. La Croix Peach-Pear Sparkling Water

Strawberry season is upon us, and it is the main base for
my favorite smoothie.

I add bananas not just for the taste but for the protein and
energy so I can have this smoothie as a desert or with my
breakfast, this is the second main base for this drink.
1 whole banana will suffice.

Apricots are also in season and they are delightful in a
smoothie because of how light and sweet they are.
Kiwis also adds a fun and delightful taste to this
particular drink.

I like to add La Croix's Peach-Pear Sparkling Water
because it give the smoothie a lively fizz kick. Using
one whole can is perfect for this.

Last but never least my beloved sorbet! It blends perfectly
well with the other fruits and I usually do about 2 or 3 scoops.
I personally prefer sorbets over ice cream and yogurt in a
smoothie because of the texture.  I tend to lean
more towards tropical flavors when it comes to sorbets
so passion fruit is perfect.  

Blend fully well, make sure all the pulp
and everything else is blended together.
At the very end I squeeze a hint of lime and
mix it again.

It's a simple recipe but there it is, once again
remember to have fun and make it all your own!


Fruits and Sorbet By: Whole Food Market

"Kittens Get Thirsty Too" Tumbler: Bando

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