Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 Teen Choice Awards: Red Carpet Fahions

Love it or hate, here is my fashion critique of the night, lets go!

Let's start with this beauty...Katerina Graham! Now
i'm loving the dress and her makeup but i'm not feeling
the thigh high boots.  Why? Well it's a bit off season to wear
it, and also it looks too much for such a cute outfit.  If the dress 
was short sleeved I would have definitely preferred it better. 
  Less is always more.

Next up, dear Cory Monteith.  He may have been
gleeking it up tonight but his outfit said serious businees...
until you got to his shoes or I should say sneakers haha.  
Well, all in all I still like his look.

Lucy Hale's outfit look phenomenal but it's something 
about those shoes!  I'm going to say no to the shoes 
though.  For some reason it never looks flattering on 
anyone, and they always make people look shorter.

Here is Fivel and Booboo Stewart, a bit to casual
and sloppy for me but I do like the colors that she mixed together.

Taking the Stage cast members, They all look great,
 as a teen should look.  The blue dress is fabulous!

Ashley Greene looks stunning! Very simple and elegant.

David Henrie looks like he dressed casual
and cool. But why the brown shoes?

Joshua Jackson, aka Pacey!! He looks very good,
and the striped tie is a little different.

Naya Rivera looks absolutely adorable!
 I am a fan of this outfit!

Look whose nerding it up?  Kevin McHale, looks
amazing and lovin' the glasses ;)

Ummm...Oh, dear!  I love Emma Roberts, but why
the green and the unflattering boots again?!  Makeup
and hair color is also not that good either, I really do
hope next time she goes the more simple route.

Chace Crawford looks casual cool as well and
he looks great!  

The color that Kristen Bell is wearing is absolutely 
amazing on her skin tone.  The dress is very simple 
and cute.

Lea Michele! Love her outfit but whoa did she 
become thinner?

Selena Gomez looks glamorous and dazzling in this
outfit! She looks beautiful!

Awww Chris Coffer looks so cute and I like his outfit, 
it looks very neat.

Jimmy Fallon

Justin Long looks casual and put together.
Not my favorite from him but it is the Teen Choice Awards lol.

What was Levi Johnston doing at this award? Oh well, his 
date dress is beautiful!

This look is typical for Mark Salling but he does look great!

Love the red shoes paired with the simple white dress.  
Go Yvonne Strahovski!


Love Leighton Meester's dress!

Megan Fox and Taylor Lautner look absolutely amazing! 

Love the sparkly skirt and also appreciate how
simple her makeup is!

My favorite part of the hole night! Both women look absolutely fabulous! :)

Photos are credited to: Click the Link! and http://justjared.buzznet.com/

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the sweet comment about my blue dress! Hope alls good :-)



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