Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Emmy Awards 2010 Red Carpet..

The night was shining bright with stars, and we have it all here on Nerd with Heels!

The slideshow part is for the Best Dressed of the night

Now it's time for the "What were you thinking part"! I want to do this without
being crass or rude, but give an actual fashion critique on why I personally
didn't like these particular dresess.  Let's begin...

Anna Paquin! She is naturally beautiful, why does she hide herself
in a dress that is not flattering at all? Stick to being simple and sleek.

Ariel Winter, this is very prom and very bad.  Again, another case
of a beautiful woman hiding herself in her dress.  Next time she should wear
a knock out color that flatters her skin.

I know many men are in love with a certain area of this picture right now,
but really? Does it have to be this obvious?  I understand that we as woman
love to play up our best attributes but I think she should have done this in
a different dress.  A dark color with satin or even chiffon but purple 
flapper is never the right way to go.  I still love you on Mad Men Christina 

Emily Deschanel
The fit is beautiful but I am not sold on the ruffles and tiers!  It's just too much,
keep it simple!

Eva La Rue
It's just too much skin!  For a formal event like this always remember, 
if you want to look sexy pick one attribute that you like and flaunt it, just 
not simultaneously :)

Just No.

Some people liked this dress and others didn't, I just think
it was a bit too much for such a formal night.

This seems like Jewel's style but it looks like it turned into a different direction.
The fit is good and the color is gorgeous but the details kills the dress.

I love Keri Russell!  I'm also glad that she is back, but one advice...
If your short always opt for dresses that will enhance your height. 
She looks so petite in that dress!

She makes me LOL on SNL but i'm not a fan of the ultimate 
shoulder pads.  She's too pretty to have everything going on at once.

Oh where do I begin with this dress!? Why are beautiful women
hiding themselves in trends?!  

At first glance, this dress almost made it into the best dressed list...until
I saw the fabric of the dress.  I don't know maybe it's just me, but 
brocade on a dress never really is appealing.  A different fabric and this
dress would be a go.

Mindy Kaling
Why?! It's the prom dress theme again, and i'm sorry but it's hiding
all these beautiful woman!

Naya Rivera
You are always a fashion do, but here is another case of the prom dress.
 Et tu Naya?

Noooo! She's beautiful but the print of this dress just looks so dirty!

Stephanie Pratt
 Not my least favorite character on The Hills, but I must stray away form
being mean.  It's the length of the dress that puts her in this category, it's too short.  
It is not appropriate for a formal event and it is almost insulting.

The was the icing on the cake for the prom theme going on this Emmy Award.  

*At the end of the day always remember, simple is always in.  It doesn't
mean that a person has to decide to be boring but trust your instincts.  If 
you feel overly done, chances are it is the truth.  Fashion is not about being
in the now and trendy, it's about what flatters you and confidence.

My favorite dress of the night...

Gugu Mbathaa-Raw
She looks elegant, chic, and Classic Hollywood Glamor!

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  1. you're so detailed and give easy to understand fashion advise! I just wish there were some ideas for men's fashion lol



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