Friday, July 13, 2012

The Most Sought After Shoes of 2012

Since I am Nerd with Heels (and although my name
can be simply used as a moniker), I shall be listing 
the top shoes that have be frequented of 2012! These
shoes will forever be a classic since they tend to always
flatter women and various outfits here is the list...

The Two Strap Stiletto Heels

Became wildly popular on the catwalk between mid 90's - 2008

Resurfacing again in 2012

Start of this trend: Fashion Designers, Models, Bloggers

They were always in, but were overshadowed by the ultimate
platform heels of 2010-now

The Pointed Toe Pumps

Christian Louboutin again starts a trend with these classics

Related to the two strap stilettos, the pointed toe pumps are also 
a trend that became and practically started in the late 90's into 2004.
The revamped version today are more physique and roomier in
around the front of the arch bone. 

Start of this trend: Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez

Another upcoming sought after shoe for Fall/Winter 2012

Metal Tipped Heels

Neon Bright Jeffrey Campbell Pumps

So the 90's and early 2000's are coming back with
a vengeance it is just in a new 2012 package.  Enjoy!

The Nerd with Heels xoxo


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