Thursday, December 3, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Although I have traded the snow for California sunshine and big swells,
 the holiday cheer is everywhere around here and I can definitely
feel it in the air.  My Christmas list is filled with a mix of my favorite
designers and vegan ethical designers along with one of my favorite
games and a few accessories.  I am delightfully looking forward to
watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate with my family
 and I wish everyone a happy and glowing holidays!

1. Etro Spring 2014 and 2016 Dress
La Mer SPF 30 Lotion


I love to feel earthy and airy out here in California so Etro has become
a top favorite of mine, you can never go wrong in a beautifully printed

2. La Mer SPF 30 Sun Lotion

I am constantly in the sun and while I appreciate the vitamin D, it is
always a great idea to put a bit of sunscreen on to enjoy the beach.

3.Dolce and Gabbana Blue Majolica Print Brocade Aragona Clogs

Ever since I was a little girl my style has always been influenced by
Spanish and Italian art and fashion, mostly under the influence of my
grandmothers and this print is very much the essence of what I 
take pleasure in.  I do enjoy a wonderful pair of heels but sandals
are a nice casual chic go to for myself.

4. Voluspa Candle in Champagne Rose

I often go to very earthy or woodsy scents but 
I love roses and this scent is always so delightful 
to read with or meditate to.

5. Donna Salyers' Fabulous Faux Furs Mink Blanket

I learned about this designer on WWD and not only
is it cruelty free but this brand is dedicated
to ensuring the faux is designed in the best in quality
and warmth to match real fur.  I am the type of person
who is always cold, so this is perfect.

6. Vaute Couture The Emily Coat

Another vegan and ethical brand that I love
would have to Vaute Couture.  Their coats
are warm but also exceptionally made to keep
you warm in style.

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

As much as I love taking photos through my phone
it would be really awesome to go back to taking photos
physically and having them to scrap book and have a
great physical memory of all the good moments in my

8. Living Proof Hair Care Travel Set

I like this brand because it works so great on my
hair type (thick and wavy) and it is sulfate-free! 
I am always visiting friends by either road or air so to have 
this travel kit by my side is always convenient. 

9. Marc Jacobs Broderie Anglaise Gabardine Pencil Skirt

In truth I tend to buy more skirts than dresses because they are
a lot more versatile to style and pair other items with it.  I always
enjoy purchasing really unique, detailed, and interesting skirts and
this is right down my alley.  I can even match this with my rock band

10. Zoya Holiday Nail Set

As far as I know right now, Zoya is a cruelty free nail polish
brand which is really important to me and I really enjoy all the colors
especially their seasonal collections, i definitely had to put it on the list!

11. Jill Milan Ladies Continental Wallet in Orange

Vegan friendly and I love this particular design for a
wallet, it has great storage and can definitely fit my
phone inside it!

12. Plantronics Stereo PC Gaming Headset RIG 500

So not only did Plantronics create a headset that Neil
Armstrong spoke into when he said the famous words
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for 
mankind", this headset is about to create a lot
of giants leaps for myself when I play my video games
now.  I would not really call myself a gamer in it's full
definition but I do enjoy logging in to my favorites
from time to time.  Now I can finally hear what I want
to play is in it's clearest beauty!

13. The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack

So the cat is out of the bag in what one of the games I enjoy
playing is, and that is definitely the Sims! I have the release
date of this expansion pack marked on my calendar.  With
my new headset and this game along with my other games
I am still trying to beat, it will be a hands down happy holidays!

14. Freedom of Animals Virkin Tote

I love all shades of the color red and this is perfect
for myself the quality once again is wonderful and
knowing no animals were harmed in the process
of making this makes me smile all the more.

15. Dolce and Gabbana Blue Majolica Print Slingback Bellucci Pumps

Just like my name, I could never pass up a great heel such as this.
It's very hard for me to just do black and white, I love prints and
I take pleasure in colors so this would be a great added collection
to my wardrobe.

Last But NEVER least:

Matt & Nat Mitsuko LG-Black Weekender Bag
I like to travel light, simple, and organized so a weekender
bag is usually my option because I do not like being weighed
down by a suitcase.  Matt & Nat is also a vegan brand and
specializes on travel and bags with exceptional quality.


Yoga Journal and Vegetarian Times subscriptions
I love to learn new recipes to ensure I have the
right alternative proteins and I love learning 
news ways to improve my form and mentality.

Burt's Bees lipstick in Juniper Water is a must
for me, and it is au naturale!


*All products mentioned are not sponsored or gift products
These are simply personal interest of mine.

1. Etro
10. Zoya

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