Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fashion in Film: Funny Face

I remember it quite well, one of my mother's favorite channels
would have to be the Turner Classic Movie channel and we had just
finished watching Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.
My mother loves Marilyn Monroe mostly because she was very
similar to her physically and in glamour. My mother mentioned how Marilyn
Monroe and many other 60's stars were really the very first iconic
women who were curvy, sexy, vibrant and fun and Marilyn Monroe
 to my mother, was the leader of the pack.
I loved watching Marilyn Monroe, but I had one
problem in relating to her, I was physically and personality wise the complete
opposite to her. I really did not have that pizzazz that
Marilyn Monroe had, in fact at fifteen I was naturally waifishly thin
and pretty athletic and energetic, so I was left with admiration for
her but I knew quite well the obvious differences between us.
The announcer then introduces the next film "Funny Face".
My mother's green eyes widened and she said "OH we
have to watch this one too, I think you are going to love
Audrey Hepburn she is classically beautiful and reminds me of you!" 
I was excited because my mother was excited, but I wondered
to myself "How could I relate to any celebrity, no one ever looks
similar to me?"
 My mother also mentioned "beautiful" and in my
head as a teen at that time, that word only
connected to what I saw in teen magazines and I felt so far away
from what I thought beauty was. All the celebrities of my time were
 immaculately beautiful and aloof  barely any smiles.  But
if my mother says Audrey Hepburn is beautiful,
then she must have be beautiful so I gave it a chance.

And my mother was right, there she was Audrey Hepburn!  
She was small, spunky, vibrant, and best of all filled with elegance. 
 I was in amazement when I saw her on TV, and the one thing that I loved most 
about watching Audrey Hepburn is how she did not mind being 
light-hearted  and spontaneous.  She generated a sense of warmth 
in her films as well, which is not often seen in movies. After watching
Funny Face, I began to feel so much better in who I was.  I started
to see my natural thin frame not in a negative way but in a beautiful
way.  Audrey Hepburn taught me that if you are a person who
loves to laugh and enjoys being carefree and kind it is okay.
I became a fan after watching it with my mother, and to this
day I still watch the same channel with her as she fills me
in on each celebrity and the meaning of their appearance
during a certain time, I also quickly collected all of 
Audrey Hepburn's movies and extras for backup.  

What I learned about reflecting on that moment watching TCM channel
with my mom, is that we all can relate to something different
and it still can inspire us to be happy with who we are.  That
type of diversity is so well needed and important to consider in the film industry.  
People have different preferences and can relate to various depths,
and some celebrities really can resonate all across the board like Audrey Hepburn.
 It helped me to understand that we are all unique physically and personality wise.
This film among all her other films became my favorite and the designs within this
movie shaped a part of what comprises my personal taste and
style, that is it perfectly okay to be unique and Audrey Hepburn is certainly unique.

To this day I still quote this scene: "Izzi Bucci...hmmm?"

Think Pink:
"But tell her if she's got to think, think pink!"

Meet Jo Stockton:
"What on earth are you doing?"

How long has it been going on:

The Take Down:

I Love Your Funny Face:

Bonjour Paris!

A Model Is Born:

(I love this outfit!)

Take the picture!

This scene inspired my wedding dress!


The Quality Woman:

I adore this song!
On How To Be Lovely

Definitely get a chance to watch the movie, it is wonderful
and stay tuned for more from this series of personal


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